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LGFI Hotline
+33 (0)7 56 90 55 56
LGFI Hotline
+33 (0)7 56 90 55 56

Get rid of this burden!

Lighten your finances and re-schedule your debt in order to have more money for new projects!

Credit application

Play on interest rates and save money

A remortgaged is particularly useful if credit interest rates have declined significantly, as is currently the case. Thus, it is effective in many cases to combine multiple debts or outstanding loans through restructuring into one credit.

For mortgage, take another loan and pay the amount of old debts.  


LGFI debt consolidation in 3 steps

  • 1. Request a calculation of loans
  • 2. Find a cheap loan to consolidate your debts
  • 3. Validate rescheduling and replace old credits
  • 4. Pay only one loan monthly payment
You do not need to worry about anything! We offer free consolidation of your existing debts.

Remortgage can save you a lot of money. If you had taken a loan in the last few years, that can now be well above the current level of interest rates .

A debt restructuring can save hundreds of euros ! Our credit experts will also be available by telephone or on site for your credit redemptions.


Avoid costly loans with LGFI

For debts consolidation, LGFI customers benefit from excellent contacts and experience of the best credit intermediaries. Only the best credit offers for their debt restructuring are transferred to our customers. 

Anyone who does not know if she should make a debt restructuring, may first be informed individually by LGFI and get the offer of a non-binding rappoort included with financial planning .

Benefits of restructuring

With remortgaged, you improve your credit quote: Who gathers its debt saw its older loans come loose and enjoy the benefits of improving their credit because each of defaulted loans is beneficial for the Schufa score. Your credit is now more balanced. In addition, the number of total loans also depends on large cuts in benefits to our partners.

Optimal planning of your finances, your loans, a contemporary chahgement rate and a single channel of communication with one bank: these benefits are in your favor during a restructuring your debts LGFI is pleased to advise you

And as always with LGFI: processing your loan application is free, even if they refuse to pay a penny!

Personal loan

LGFI assigns personal loans ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Euros. Personal loans without Schufa are possible up to 12,000 euros.

Car loan
Now you have a strong partner to quickly and easily match your loan to the car of your dreams.

Credit without Schufa
LGFI is an expert loan without Schufa certificate. Get a loan without Schufa up to 12,000 euros.

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