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Need a car loan?

Now you have a strong partner to quickly and easily match your loan to the car of your dreams.

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Great discounts for car loan of LGFI

A car loan regard to new vehicles and used cars. Take a car loan LGFI to find the best loan for your car. Ask a LGFI car loan and receive it in the amount; you have discounts .

Financing offers from dealers often are not very flexible or attached to specific models. The car loan LGFI is applied individually, quickly and provides cash benefits for car buyers.


The car loan LGFI is favorable:

  •   low interest rate on your car loan
  •   fast loan approval by LGFI
  • choose to pay in cash and collect discounts
  • free choice of insurer
  • the vehicle ands documents remain in your hands 
  • car loan application processed the same weekend
  • Many car buyers who have found their dream car at their dealership now taking an auto loan at LGFI. The vehicle can be funded in monthly installments. The amount of the installments of car loan is based on the contract and the agreed terms .

New dream car without money with the car loan LGFI!

Choose the LGFI car loan. LGFImainly serves private clients for over 40 years and knows all the demands you place on a car loan. 

The cars now have to adapt to our lives - and not the opposite . While you are happy being alone with a small car or roadster, a large family already requires most of the larger to store strollers etc ... The soft LGFI time car loan can be applied individually and fits at each stage of the life of the automobile.  

The car loan is easy and quick to LGFI, so no need to wait long for a credit decision. Another advantage is that the car loan can usually be very flexible and designed to be easily repaid, even prematurely.


Who is offering car loans?

Many auto loans are made ​​ directly with dealers. But sometimes there are special loans especially for new vehicles.
These loans are subsidized by car manufacturers.

It is also possible to use specialists as LGFI, which also offer attractive conditions, thereby allowing favorable funding. A great advantage of these loans is that they are independent auto deals, which are often only temporary and apply only to certain models.

The loan for classic car

The car loan is often transformed a classic personal loan with constant monthly mortgage payments and a fixed term of supply. The term is generally agreed here between two and six years in the base rate; This longer term to reduce lending rates which in shorter maturities increase the monthly payment.

The benefits of LGFI

  •  online form and guaranteed best loan rates
  •   discount for cash payment
  • rates and flexible terms
  • LGFI allows early repayment of the loan
  • To apply for a car loan, applicants must be at least 18 years . Also, have a fixed monthly income, which can then be used for the repayment of loan installments. These conditions must be examined on the basis of the loan application that is provided online at LGFI

    If all conditions are met, the loan amount can be paid and the loan amount will be transferred to the applicant. Money from the car loan will be available within a few days, so that the desired car can also be purchased in a short time. 

  • Leasing as an alternative to car loan?

  • Some motorists do not want to keep the vehicle. So they opt specifically for affordable financing solutions that allow a return at the end of the term vehicle. A classic among these solutions is financing - lease. The idea is that the customer pays a deposit and agrees to pay a monthly rental amount until the end of the term. Then there is the possibility to return the vehicle or purchase it at the residual value.

    Generally, the tenant returns the vehicle to opt for a newer model. The tax advantages of leasing are primarily for business.

Personal loan

LGFI assigns personal loans ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Euros. Personal loans without Schufa are possible up to 12,000 euros.

Car loan
Now you have a strong partner to quickly and easily match your loan to the car of your dreams.

Credit without Schufa
LGFI is an expert loan without Schufa certificate. Get a loan without Schufa up to 12,000 euros.

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