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LGFI Hotline
+33 (0)7 56 90 55 56
LGFI Hotline
+33 (0)7 56 90 55 56

LGFI credit from 5.000 to 1.000.000 €
  • Guaranteed free credit check
  • Top advice and the best conditions
  • Also installment loans without Schufa possible
  • Individual loan amount, term and rate request

Loans without Schufa
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Personal loan
LGFI assigns personal loans ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Euros. Personal loans without Schufa are possible up to 12,000 euros.
Credit without Schufa
LGFI is an expert loan without Schufa certificate. Get a loan without Schufa up to 12,000 euros.
Car loan
Now you have a strong partner to quickly and easily match your loan to the car of your dreams.
Debt consolidation
Get rid of your load! Reschedule today's debt by saving and earn money for new projects!
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Loans from LGFI

LGFI, provides, under certain conditions even without Schufaauskunft, Easy cash advance to apply for personal loans.

To provide optimal service, credit applications are usually free and can be made in a very short time on the website of the Company. The LGFI cash advance is a loan to classical temperament, which is equipped with a fixed interest rate over the entire lifetime and monthly payments so fixed. Until € 1,000,000 may be applied in this way.

Credit without Schufa of LGFI
A LGFI credit schufafrei offers two advantages: firstly, existing Schufa entries will not affect the application of the loan and secondly, no new entry is created. 5,000 euros may be awarded without Schufaauskunft. All with the conditions set regarding the maturity, rate and interest rates. LGFI attaches importance to transparency. A credit without Schufa suitable example for balancing overdrafts or to finance small investments when receiving a bank loan in the near future which should not be compromised by a negative Schufa entry.

What is a negative Schufa entry?

The best known file information of the German economy - Schufa - headquartered in Wiesbaden since 1927 and has more than 500 million individual records from approximately 66 million people.

If the payment history of the loan applicant, a negative entry is recorded in the SCHUFA it difficult for him to get a loan at the bank, which cooperates as business partner with SCHUFA.

LGFI help with loans without Schufa
But today, some banks are not SCHUFA business partners, or deliberately chose to waive these unilateral informational values ​​of credit Schufa; This is because the SCHUFA provides information on citizens' consumption habits, but said nothing about his situation on income. Loans without Schufa are often given to Rufis by German or foreign online banks. The general credit risk is theoretically higher and is compensated for loans without Schufa with a slightly higher interest rates. For the borrower of the loan without Schufa from LGFI, the added benefit is that it will not be listed in the Schufa.

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